First Mate Steve Greenstreet

Steve is a Maryland native living near Hampsted, Maryland with Peggy, his wife of 33 years. While growing up he spent most of his summers on the water around Kent Island and the eastern shore of Maryland. He learned to fish and crab on the Chesapeake Bay with local legends as he fine tuned his skills as a mate on a charter boat.

Like most watermen Steve had a day job as a plant supervisor until he retired in 1995. He has fished as a mate with Captain Popp for 15 years. Steve is usually the first to the boat in the morning and the last to leave. While he enjoys hunting his passion is hook and line fishing. He will share many stories about how it used to be if you encourage him to do so. Make sure you ask him about his hobby of raising pet crows!

First Mate Ray Harner

While Ray was born in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania his roots are near the Chesapeake Bay. As a young man he signed on with the Maryland Natural Resources Police. His duties included patrolling most all of Maryland’s waters and then some for over 30 years. To say he has seen it all when it comes to the great outdoors is an understatement. Also a good guy to have onboard……

His passion, other than his 5 daughters and grandchildren, include hunting and fishing. Ray and his late father Ray Sr. fished with and served as a mate for Captain Popp for over 15 years.

In memory of Ray Harner Sr.