Captain Ryan Popp

Captain Ryan Popp was born and raised in Kingsville, Maryland. Growing up, his father Captain Jeff Popp started him at a young age, showing him the ropes of the outdoors from shooting his first deer at the age of eight, to baiting trot line at the age of ten. Captain Ryan turned his love for the outdoors into a career as he began running the Vista Lady alongside his father. He also commercially crabs on his days off from fishing, and guides waterfowl hunts through the winter. He recently got engaged to his fiancé, Jordy Testerman, who shares his love of the outdoors while hunting and fishing with him, as well as making videos that capture the highlights of their various outdoor fishing and hunting adventures. Ryan is passionate about everything he does, and whether it is fishing, crabbing, or hunting, he strives to make each trip one to remember.